I wonder while I wander

…musings about this wild and wonderful world


I love reading a book or article, or watching a film or documentary, or even better, having a real-life encounter with someone or something, that truly changes the way I see the world and challenges me to think in new ways.

There are certain assumptions about reality that we take for granted, as individuals and as members of a particular group or culture, and it is easy to float through life without really questioning what we think, feel and believe. However, the more we reach beyond our comfort zone and explore the frontiers of our own knowledge and understanding, the more amazing and wonderful we discover life to be.

Here I want to create a space for sharing and discussing the strange and wonderful discoveries that shake the foundations of my understanding and bring new perspective on reality, whether in the world of science, literature, philosophy, history, anthropology, technology, nature… and just about any other topic, for that matter!

I hope you’ll join in the exchange, leave your comments, share your ideas and pass along articles, posts, videos, etc. that have inspired and challenged you too. Happy exploring!


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