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In developed countries, we completely take for granted the fact that we have cheap and easy access to clean drinking water.

According to Water.org:

  •  3.4 million people die each year from water related diseases.
  • A child dies from water related illness every 21 seconds!

It’s hard to believe that something so essential for a healthy life, something we have at our fingertips with just a quick turn of a tap, is a precious commodity that is inaccessible to so many people around the world.


A friend brought my attention to this interesting invention that might make clean drinking water available to more people in developing countries. It is a handheld filtration system capable of filtering out both dirt and  illness-causing microbes. It looks like a handy and easy to use device that could make a difference to many people.

For more about the LifeStraw, click here and here.

Water.org also has a similar product, the CamelBak Groove bottle.

However, that’s not the whole solution to the world’s water problem. Communities also need the actual physical access to water, education about good hygiene practices, local community members who are trained to maintain the water and sanitation equipment, and the involvement of all community members taking ownership of the project, volunteering time and effort to construct and maintain such a system. All these together have the potential to drastically improve lives and prevent unnecessary deaths around the world.

For more information about the global water crisis and ways you can help, Water.org looks like a good place to start. Please leave a comment and share if you know of any other similar programs or organizations! I’d love to hear about them!


Author: Kim

Originally from Midwestern USA, now living in Istanbul, Turkey, with my husband and two boys, and soon to be moving to Ireland. Living simply, continually learning more about the world, and enjoying an amazing life!

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