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Beautiful giants

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The blue whale, the largest animal that’s ever lived, dwarfing even the largest dinosaurs. Mind-boggling!

(Although I’ve never actually met one) I find something about whales so charismatic, so enchanting. Maybe it sounds a bit strange to describe a whale that way, but there, I’ve said it.

They are intelligent, seem to exude a sort of calm elegance, and their size – particularly that of the blue whale – boggles the mind. Images of whales peacefully soaring through blue seas, singing to each other, is just so soothing and captures my imagination.

Here is a clip from the series Blue Planet, in which David Attenborough shares some amazing facts about these wonderful creatures. Somehow, contemplating the existence of these whales is a humbling experience and makes me feel very small and insignificant, in a good way. Nothing like Nature’s wonders to remind us of our place in the grand scheme of things!


Author: Kim

Originally from Midwestern USA, now living in Istanbul, Turkey, with my husband and two boys, and soon to be moving to Ireland. Living simply, continually learning more about the world, and enjoying an amazing life!

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